Partnership Program

Transforming world-class research into real-world value for industry partners is one of the Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machine's most important goals. Much of our success comes from active collaboration with industry partners who help drive research outcomes to produce results that are readily implemented into the industrial sector.

With more than 20 current industry partners, including OEMs, software vendors and manufacturers, IRIM works with companies of all sizes on short- and long-term projects, ranging from several months to a few years. Research projects are defined in association with partner companies and when initiated, ongoing project interaction is maintained between personnel at the sponsoring company and the IRIM team.

Our partners provide not only vital financial support, but they also play an active role in IRIM's strategy to efficeintly deliver innovative concepts from the laboratory to the marketplace. In addition to strategic involvement in projects, IRIM industry partners enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access to IRIM laboratories for demonstrations and visits prepared and scheduled through the partnership
  • Meetings with IRIM faculty, students and staff to discuss research problems
  • Meetings with students to discuss opportunities for internships, co-op positions and permanent employment
  • Access to results of all non-proprietary IRIM research

For information about partnership opportunities, contact Mary Alice Isele at 404-894-8383 or